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Stay Young Longer
Tuesday, August 19 2014

As my Mom always said each year on her birthday ... "It's only a number. You're as young as you feel so be happy and do great things." She was always great fun to be around. I don't think I ever heard her complain and she was always positive about life even when she had challenges along the way. Mother of 7 and greatly loved by all of us, she was the queen of everything.

One thing I learned early on from my Mom was the importance of stretching and exercise, especially as you get older. Let's talk about what my Mom knew all along.

Ya gotta use it or lose it!

Ya gotta move it or you're wastin' it!                                             

Ya gotta lift it to build it!

Ya gotta love it to keep at it!

Exercise !!

Burns calories ~ Builds muscle ~ Raises endorphin levels ~ Helps you look good, feel good, live longer.

Be Super ~ Be smart ~ Take charge of your life and don't worry about the number!

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Take charge of your life!
Stay Young Longer