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Marty and Suzanne Geimer
In today's world, the cost of healthcare is skyrocketing. People are looking for better health remedies. Many baby boomers are now entering their sixties, worrying about long term care for aging parents and determined to be able to care for themselves as they get older. 

As a nurse for over thirty years, I have seen the effects of not taking care of yourself properly. Many of the patients I care for could have prevented that trip to the emergency room by being more proactive in their own healthcare.  I currently work at a Level One Truauma Center in Los Angeles and  2 days a week for Dr. Julia Hunter who specializes in skin care, wellness and anti-aging. I see on a regular basis what happens to people when they are not living a healthy life - style.

 Most people take better care of their cars than of themselves.  We live in a society that spends countless dollars on expendable items yet we don't do the things that can keep us healthy longer.I urge you to become  proactive and responsible for your health in ways that can benefit you for many years to come. Join the "wellness revolution." 

Visit Dr. Julia Hunter's amazing web site and educate yourself on the many aspects of anti-aging. Skin Fitness Plus 

Kelly and Rob Lance
I am a very skeptical person when it comes to dietary supplements. I always believed you get results the old fashioned way. ie: If you are always tired then just get more rest. HA! Try telling a Mom that. We need all the help we can get in the energy department. I finally listened to my Mom and went to see Dr. Hunter for a consult. She developed an Action  Plan specifically tailored to my needs and I am feeling better every day. After having twin boys in October, I was definitely in need of  help getting my energy back. I couldn't believe the difference in how I felt in the first fweek.

As the wife of a busy lawyer and mother of an active 7year old daughter and 8 month old twin boys, I can say from personal experience that focusing on healthy habits, exercise and the right supplements for your specific needs will benefit you in many positive ways.  Kelly Lance

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