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Stay Young Longer
Saturday, May 04 2024
Saturday, May 04 2024

Walking is my favorite exercise now as it gets me outside and it makes me feel good. Walking with my son or daughter is always a great time to talk and enjoy.

I started taking yoga classes many years ago and this is great for keeping flexible and creating balance.

Don't forget about using weights. Great for tightening up your arms.

Here comes summer! Keep that sunscreen handy. This is a good time to remind you about the importance of caring for your skin year round but especially in the summer.

Educate yourself and follow a healthy plan for your skin. Remember it's also an inside job as well. Eat your greens! The darker the better.

Prevent internal inflammation. Watch out for added sugar in the foods you eat. Did you know that too much sugar causes wrinkles, inflammation, weight gain and more? I encourage you to do a google search on sugar and you will be surprised!

When I cut down on sugar, I saw great results over time. Do your own research and see for yourself.

More to share soon. Have a Happy Summer with family and friends.

Keep learning to Stay Young Longer ~

Posted by: Suzanne Geimer RN, CEN, MICN AT 05:00 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
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